Buy More Save More

Is buying everything in bulk will help you save some money? The answer is YES and NO. 


Perishable food especially like eggs, vegetable and dairy products with short expiry date for its freshness, we usually do not suggest to buy a lot. 


  1. Can Drinks 
    During major festive seasons, we will stock up a dozen or two can drinks or packet drinks for our guests. Can drink that sold in convenient store or restaurant will normally cost higher, of course, we might not be bringing our own stocks to restaurant, if you are craving for some beverage, just order! 
  2. Toilet Rolls 
    In Malaysia, our standard packaging of toilet rolls come in a pack of 10 rolls. At times, manufacturer will throw in some value pack like 2 packs (2 x 10 rolls) or 3 packs (3 x 10 rolls), stock up, people!
  1. Batteries
    My house kept a lot of spare batteries, just in case anytime we need to use it. These days we have changed to rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries not only cost less (in long run), last longer and reduce waste compare to single-use batteries. Tips for keeping rechargeable batteries for longer life, is store in cool and dry place, remove the fully charged batteries from the charger. 
  2. Toothbrushes
    How often do you change your toothbrush? Half a year or whenever you feel like it? Toothbrush are recommended to change every 3 months. You will notice some of the seller pack toothbrushes in a dozen, comparing the price of one unit, is much worth it to get it in pack. One important reminder, change your toothbrush after you fall sick, because the virus will stay on the toothbrush. 


In 1 good store, you do not have to buy in bulk, just add on 1 unit, you will get a cheaper price than getting just 1. You can arrange with us to send another unit to your relatives or good friends, just leave us a note for special request!

Few of our feature supplier are having discounted price when you buy 1 more, such as:

We will be adding on more products as soon as possible, do come by our store on an off to check out the good deals, or you can sign up our Newsletter and we will update you when the good deal arrive. 

Are they any items you thought of can save money by buying bulk? Share with us in the comment below. 

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