1 Good Store was launched with one goal in mind: to discover the good quality products for the household and personal use.

1 Good Store is a sister company that focusing on lifestyle items, set up by Seawood Trading. Founded in 1983, Seawood Trading has been dealing with timber trading business in Malaysia. For all these years, Seawood Trading not only trading in timber, also hardware and construction material. With 37 years of experience in trading business, Seawood Trading understand good quality, good material will last for years.


We always think creating a home should be fun and exciting, and that’s how we want our client to feel. At 1 Good Store, we are ready to help you create a lifestyle that reflects you and what you love. We are not here to judge your style and taste, hence we want to showcase good ideas with the best quality products, so everyone can put together with their unique mix.

Home is where you spend most of the time. All it takes is a bit of style or decoration at a small space. Start small by changing a drinking glass, getting some flowers in a vase, or even lighting some plain white candles in groups to make the environment classic and chic.

Quality products, that lasts you for years.